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Our Creative Vision

Always looking out to the future

We invest in early-stage technology start-ups in a wide range of industries, from energy to biotechnology, medical to food, artificial intelligence to cloud and mobile applications.

Erken aşama teknoloji startupları
Erken aşama teknoloji startupları

We stand by technology-oriented early-stage start-ups with our angel investors!

Angel Investors
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Yatırım ekosistemini büyüten kreatif yaklaşım
We are

A multi-shareholder investment company and angel investment network.

As TRAngels, we are a network of angel investors investing in technology-focused early-stage start-ups.

Our Creative Approach

Working to grow the investment ecosystem

For us, angel investing means increasing the number of successful entrepreneurship stories born in Turkey and spreading them around the world! It means contributing to the growth of sustainable and unique business models aimed at solving the world’s most challenges.

We believe in the power created by collaborations for the development of startups.

Waiting for your projects

The projects received from institutions and organizations by e-mail or via GUST are all evaluated by our investment groups, and you will receive a response at earliest.
Must-haves for us:
  • Idea
  • Market definition and potential, applicability in different geographies
  • Team harmony

Apply on GUST!

A platform that brings together investors and startups from all over the world.
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