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Angel Investor

How To Be An Angel Investor?

As TRAngels, we provide a platform for our members to find, promote, assess, and invest in ideas that are either in the seed stage or ready for investment. For us, angel investing is

Keeping up with the times

Being part of the future

Sharing knowledge and experience

To provide lifeline to startups

We work to grow startups while also expanding the ecosystem.

As an angel investor network approved by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, we operate in a membership structure to give investment opportunities through various activities and to improve the investment environment. Let’s meet if you want to

  • Acquire information about latest trends,
  • Keep yourself up to date with changing technology and emerging business areas,
  • Be part of the future,
  • Contribute to the growth of startups through inclusive and collaborative work,
  • Share you experience and knowledge the startups in need,
  • Open your established network for the development of startups,
  • Experiencing angel investing through practice,
  • Earning money by investing in great ideas for the future.

Let’s collaborate to enlarge the investment pool. Let’s create more opportunities for promising entrepreneurs. Let’s prove that there are different ways for economic development.