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Project selection

We evaluate based on potential and added value

We prioritize investing in start-ups that we believe have a high chance of success.


Market definition and potential, applicability in different geographies

Team harmony

As TRAngels, we are particularly interested in start-ups that are in the seed or incubation stage. We prioritize investing in start-ups that we believe they are promising. When we are assessing the projects, our focus is to get answers to the questions below:

  • Is there a specific need for this product or service in the market?
  • Does the proposed solution fit this requirement? Is it bringing a difference? Is it possible to implement this work technologically?
  • The second and equally crucial criterion for us is to determine whether the start-ups can implement this business model, whether they have sufficient knowledge, whether they have passion and enthusiasm, and whether they can sustain this business.
  • the possibility of expansion in the worldwide market, the market and market entrance strategy, the status of the financials, and profitability assessments are among the other elements we look for in a start-up.