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Board of Developing Investment Environment

As TRAngels, our goal is to invite and include all the investors who want to actively participate in the ecosystem. Thus,

While start-ups grow,

We also aim to expand the investment ecosystem.

To reflect this approach, based on ensuring the framework and flow of our business is exclusively focused on investment-oriented operations, we have renamed the TRAngels Executive Board as the “Board of Developing Investment Environment”. Also, we have decided to use the moniker “TRAngels Investors Group” rather than TRAngels Angel Investor Network (MYA) to embrace and attract all investors to the ecosystem, regardless of whether they have an Individual Participation Investor (ICM) License or not.

Executive Committees comprised of volunteers

Investment Board Committee

It acts as an inquiry and voting board for TRANGELS Financial Services Inc. to receive shares from ventures as an investor. It collaborates with relevant committees and leading investors on issues such as regularly sharing current investment reports, leading “Intermediate Investment-Bridge Investment” needs, partial share sales, and exit, as well as ensuring coordination among leading investors on increasing share value and advancing start-ups.

Project Finding, Selection and Assessment Committee

Our angel investors review initiatives coming from incubators, mentors, investors, entrepreneurs, and other sources. It submits possible start-ups to the Investors Group Committee to present them to the investors in our network.

Investors Group Committee

It is responsible of coordinating all the angel investors in our network. Early-stage start-ups that have proceeded beyond the first stage, advanced projects that are worth examining, businesses that have expanded internationally, or even become unicorns are all presented during our Investors Group meetings, held regularly. During these meetings, it is aimed to determine whether our angel investors or partners of TRAngels Inc. have an interest in the project.

Legal Committee

It provides legal help to our start-ups, particularly those that require contract consultancy during or after the investment process. With their years of expertise, the committee provides a wealth of knowledge.

Financial Planning and Administration Committee

It provides analytical assistance in creating a financial model and analyzing the income-expenditure projections to assess the metric values of the projects prior to and after the investment in line with the demands of the project managers and our leading investors. The committee is also in charge of TRAngels Inc.’s governance and financial credibility.

Audit Committee

In compliance with financial legislation, the committee audits TRAngels Inc.’s data and issues an opinion prior to the submission of provisional tax returns every three months and year-end corporate tax returns. The committee conducts due diligence if there is another company in the start-up that TRAngels plans to invest. The committee also assists TRAngels and their entrepreneurs with financial and tax legislation problems.

Corporate Affairs and Communication Committee

Along with lobbying for angel investing, which has significant potential for our country, the committee engages in a variety of initiatives to be constructive and steering within the ecosystem.