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TRAngels Board of Directors: Front, left to right: Hale Umul, G. Serra Ulusoy. Back, left to right: Necmi Ön, Kaan Özkan, Demir Kuyumcu.
Who We Are

Multi-shareholder Investment Company and Angel Investment Network

As TRAngels, we are a network of angel investors funding early-stage technological start-ups.

Working to improve the investment environment

Bringing the idea together with the experience

Embracing the projects as if they are our own business

TRANGELS Financial Services Inc, which we established in 2015, reached 37 partners in the first 6 months. In the same year, with the permission of the Turkish Republic’s Prime Ministry Undersecretariat of Treasury, we created a network of angel investors accredited to the Individual Participation System. Today, our company has reached 67 partners and our angel investor network has reached 150 members.

We believe that every idea having a potential to improve the economy and social life should be evaluated. We are working with angel investors, particularly those with Individual Participation Investor license, to advance the investment environment and grow the Turkish entrepreneurship ecosystem. Until today, we have invested in 40 start-ups in a variety of industries, ranging from energy to biotechnology, medical to food, artificial intelligence to cloud and mobile applications.

Our biggest asset is the diversity created by our angel investors’ capabilities.

Having a vast amount of knowledge, experience, and network of connections gained through local and global positions in various sectors, our investors help our entrepreneurs grow. This is what we call “smart capital”. With this perspective, we become partners of our entrepreneurs not only in their vision and ideas, but also in their risks and successes because for us, success comes before profitability and knowhow comes before equities. Since we already know by experience that capital investment alone is insufficient for the development of a start-up at the beginning of its commercial existence, we embrace early-stage start-ups as if they are our own.

At this point, our leading investors enter the scene. Our leading investors are helping the start-ups to grow, assisting them to prepare for Series A tours or exits. In addition to benefiting from the investors network, mentoring in sales, marketing and technical support for the product or service, we also help them in owning their intellectual property rights, utilizing government assistance, and/or developing new connections.

Because, for us, angel investing is not just buying stocks but being a part of the future!

It means being up to date of new industries that emerge by advanced technologies and contributing to the development of sustainable and unique business models aimed at solving the world’s most challenges. It means increasing the number of successful entrepreneurship stories born in Turkey and spread throughout the world. That is why we match ideas with experience and work together to make a business idea a great success.