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Turkish Deep Technology Initiatives for a New World: “Are we ready to live on Mars?”

Organized by the Istanbul Branch of the Türkiye Bilişim Derneği, the 16th Istanbul Informatics Congress was held this year with the theme of “The Age of Sustainable Technologies, Society That Can Produce Its Own Resources”.

As TRAngels, we were among the speakers kindly invited by the congress thanks to our focus on deep technology that have the capacity to significantly transform industries.

Our angel investor Hüseyin Karayağız moderated the discussion titled “Turkish Deep Technology Initiatives for a New Self-Sufficient World: “Are we ready to live on Mars?” with the founders of our startups Biftek, Laska and RePG.

Karayağız began his speech by stating that the carbon-based resource is about to run out and countries are looking for new solutions to this problem. Energy production and storage, horizontal and vertical agriculture, revolutionizing the food industry by producing clean meat, and alternative energy methods obtained through 100% waste recycling are all crucial actions. This Mars vision also aims to answer the question of whether it can provide a new model for the sustainability of our planet.

To Mars with deep tech startups

During the seminar, our startups Biftek, Laska, and RePG discussed the solutions they developed for the strategic needs of the new world.

Kerem Erikçi, one of the founding partners of our startup Biftek, which aims to produce cultured meat, shared that they have prepared formulas that will solve many problems not only in the field of cultured meat, but also in the fields of health, cosmetics, and food, thanks to their microorganism libraries.

Onur Güdü, the founder of Laska, that upcycles end-of-life tires, stated that with their circular economy approach not only solved environmental problems but also had an economic impact by providing energy and raw materials.

Hasan Ayartürk, the founder of RePG, which generates electricity from air, water, latent and waste heat, stated that the technology they developed allows them to generate power wirelessly and with zero carbon emissions.

Ayartürk noted the acceleration of new startups transforming energy production, storage, distribution, and consumption as the “Electrification” process, which is like “Digitalization,” and added that, thanks to REPG Energy, surplus energy can be sold while producing and consuming as much energy as needed at home, in the factory, or at the workplace.

For a more sustainable world, energy is also getting digital

The studies of Biftek, Laska and RePG reveals that we are in the design phase of the next world, not life on Mars. We are now transitioning from a carbon-based era to one that produces alternative energies and markets them digitally. As TRAngels, we are proud to be able to contribute to the growth of ideas and business models and to be a part of the future by learning from our startups.

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