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1,4 million TL fund for ERG Controls

Creating innovative solutions for hand hygiene, which has become more important with the pandemic, ERG Controls, received a fund of 1.4 million TL from our angel investors in the follow-up investment tour.

Having completed its pilot applications in hospitals, particularly intensive care units, markets, and fast-moving consumer chain stores in a short period of time after its initial investment in February 2021, ERG Controls intends to expand its team and its operation network with its new investment.

ERG Controls’ patented product, YIKA, provides maximum compliance n environments such as hospitals, food and drug production, etc. by monitoring the hand hygiene activities of employees using badges and sensors. This year, ERG Controls was accepted into both the Acıbadem Incubation Program and Migros’ innovation program MigrosUP. The company continues its business at İTÜ Arı Teknokent.

Noting that the biggest cause of nosocomial infections is the lack of hand hygiene, according to the report of the World Health Organization, ERG Controls Founding Partner Batuhan Ergör stated that with YIKA, they were able to reduce nosocomial infections in hospitals by more than 50%. Ergör said, “We tripled hand hygiene compliance and observed statistically significant decreases in nosocomial infections in the clinical studies we completed in Adana City Training and Research Hospital and a university hospital. Patients admitted to hospitals where YIKA is present are discharged faster and in a safer manner.”

Patients admitted to hospitals where YIKA is present are discharged faster and in a safer manner.

Ergör went on to say that by using YIKA, they reduced the risk of foodborne outbreaks in food service areas as well as product contamination in manufacturing facilities. Ergör said: “The demand for hand hygiene has come to a very different place, especially with COVID-19. Following hospitals, we now work in restaurant kitchens, supermarket aisles, and manufacturing facilities. We use YIKA to ensure that international GMP and GLP hand hygiene standards are met within the facilities.”

Argued that every idea that adds value to the economy and social life should be evaluated, Hale Umul, our Chairman of the Board of Directors, stated, “Our focus has always been technology-oriented early-stage startups. The time we are in necessitates new ways of thinking and solving problems through disruptive innovation. ERG Controls’ products and services demonstrate the magnitude of its success potential in a short period of time. As TRAngels, we will continue to develop and expand the investment environment for sustainable development.”