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BİSU is preparing for Series A investment

BISU, which allows customers to order water with a single click, is gearing up for a Series A tour following a bridge investment valued at $50 million.

BISU, which serves over 1 million households in 60 cities, is in its sixth year and offers more than just water ordering through its BİRİ and BIMARKET services.

While BiRi, which covers various carboy water and beverage brands, offers same-day delivery seven days a week, Bi’Market, which is included in the application, meets the market needs of homes with over 7,000 product types.

BISU aims to provide a personalized experience by making suggestions based on previous orders. There are special options in the application such as warning before the water runs out, campaign reminder, and order with an appointment.

BISU’s goal is to reach 1,000 warehouses in 2 years, create employment for 5,000 people and expand abroad.